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House Rules

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:15 pm

Strife suggested a thread of house rules so here it is. Please feel free to remind me of those I have forgotten to add and suggjest more house rules to add to the list.


If a player roll four our more successes on a roll, not including extended roll the player can keep one success stored up applicable to any roll taken during the same day in game. The practical reasoning for this is that it is so infuriating to roll so well for an insignificant roll and this let you use some of that luck somewhere else. The in game explanation is that when you succeed so perfectly in something you get a confidence boost for a while which might make other tasks easier.

If you are underwater and is about to down nothing prevents you from using magick to stop yourself needing oxygen, growing gills or in other ways keep yourself alive if your Paradigm and foci would allow you to work such magick to save yourself, it makes no sense that if your mage can grow gills on land before he jumps in the water he can also grow them while in the water though off course stress might make the Arete roll allot harder.

You can use your entire Avatar rating to channel Quintessence into your rotes. Adley can use 4 points of Quintessence in such a way not just 3 of them. I think it works better if you also can use the top two dots in Avatar rating practically to channel Quintessence and not just the first three, after all unless your mage is filthy rich the times he or she will have four or five drams of Quintessence to use are rare.

You can raise all Backgrounds in game if you can find some in game explanation for it like with Colin's raised Avatar stat.

You do not spend exp to raise Arete, it is always done through roleplaying a Seeking, if the Seeking fails then there might be spiritual or emotional consequences but the character do not loose exp.

Stuff from Ars Magica:

House Mercere is an active group of mostly unawakened couriers that serve Order of Hermes and also the rest of the Traditions. In Mage canon House Mercere was destroyed at the start of the Asencion War as they where a priority target leaving only the Awakened minority who are now a minor House under House Fortunae. I however think that it is likely they would have been brought back, they are to useful not to and especially in modern days when the Technocracy control electronic communication. The House is still placed under House Fortunae but they enjoy a widespread respect as couriers though some also treat them as Custos despite their unawakened members being Larta Magi and full members of the Order of Hermes. Most of House Mercere come from failed first and second degrees who do not want to go back to a sleeper life or those sleepers who have been hurt by the Asencion War and want to help out, a minority are those on the Founders Path magi who have lost their magick, these few creep out Awakened magi though they are highly respected among their own House. Due to their tendency to pick up the victims of the Asencion War and at times the unfortunates who have lost their magick some Mercere specialize as psychologists and therapists and some of them can earn a decent living on the side hieing out their services as therapists to other members of the Traditions. House Mercere seek to make up for their lack of magick of their own by being expert handlers of artifacts, talismans and wonders and a big part of their training is based in the handling of these items of magick and as such a Mercere can be a force to be reckoned with and few can handle a magickal item as well as one of their House. About 10 percent of House Mercere are true magi and hedge wizards and they refer to themselves as Gifted Mercere, these are the magickal descendants of the two apprentices of Mercere the Founder a powerful Cabbalist who managed to Gilgul himself in a lab accident. Gifted Mercere get more respect than the Larta Magi in their House by other mages and as such they always themselves try to minimize their own importance giving great respect to their unawakened Housemates usually trying not to be the leaders of their Chantries and Cabals. Here I have used the House as it stands in Ars Magica and just moved in to modern time.

Larta Magi are a custom among Order of Hermes of initiating a sleeper as a honorary member of the Order. Usually this is done by House Mercere and House Jerbiton but it have been known for other Houses to bestow this honor as well. Larta Magi are by law full members of the Order who have the right to vote at Tribunal but out of respect for their inability to really understand what it is like to be Awakened by custom they refuse to vote other than this they have the same rights and responsibilities as any member of the Order of Hermes. Other Traditions see Larta Magi as Custos. Many Larta Magi are provided with talismans both as a form of protection as to mimic the powers of their Traditionmates. This custom is taken from Ars Magica but are not mentioned as far as I know directly in Mage.

Referring to a geographical region as a Tribunal. In old times what Covenants where found within a reasonable travel distance of one another where referred to as a Tribunal since this was the region where members of the Order tended to meet from to have well, Tribunals, which is not just trials but is also what the Order call official gatherings and something that have been mentioned in Mage as a name for a well, mage con, a few times as well. I have the impression that this custom would have continued in the very top down 2 ed setting as a practical way of organizing Chantries in a region. Today a Tribunal is generally a city and it's suburbia and smaller towns and they still have regular meetings and try to foster cooperation between the Chantries in the region.

Preco, with the idea of the Tribunal comes the title of Preco who is either the oldest, reasonably sane mage in the Tribunal or the Deacon Primus of the most powerful Chantry in said region. The Preco serves as host in tribunal meetings, he or she holds a power of great respect ans subside over such meetings though he or she do not have that much actual power other than as an organizer. Again this is taken from Ars Magica.

Senior Quesitor It is mentioned that the oldest Quesitor are usually the one leading a case, Senior Quesitor is a title from Ars Magica that refer to the oldest, still practicing Enforcer in the Tribunal though off course if this Enforcer are from another Tradition Senior Enforcer or whatever title used for Enforcers in their Tradition will be used instead. The Senior Enforcer's job is to subside over all local trials and this is also the person a mage will complain their plight into if they feel they have been unfairly judged by the leaders of their Chantry. This is semi canon for are only hinted to in the Mage books as far as I remember and are from Ars Magica.

The old Hermetic Hand Gestures. These are referred to but not in detail in the Mage books, I have included them as their own system of hand sigils though that are different from the modern ones developed during the Renaissance. These hand gestures are from Ars Magica.

Hoplites are an Enforcer's assistants and at times strike teams, these might be lesser Enforcers, with the Order of Hermes they are often House Janissary but they can be any mage who volunteer for these often dangerous jobs. Members of House Flambeau are often Hoplites. The Hoplites are often the ones sent to make an arrest or sent to retrieve an escaped indentured servant or are the ones wo are set to the task of executing a local punishment under the direct order of the Tribunal Enforcers. The title is not used in Mage as far as I remember it is from Ars Magica but the concept is. In fact House Janissary's role in the Order of Hermes are the very essence of the concept of the Hoplite so I feel pretty safe in including it as an official title.


Minor NPC Simon Black is an Traditionalist Infernalist from the Orphan group Children of the Antichrist, this is not an canon group but was one of the excellent home brew Orphand groups and Crafts found on Ander's Mage Page. Normally I would not include something non canon that where not taken from Ars Magica which is partly canon as Mage was created to be the future incarnation of Ars originally until WW went away from that idea to some degree. However just completely non canon groups I do not include usually but as Simon is a minor NPC and he is a part of how I originally made Morningstar I kept the character rather than changing him since such a group of infernalist Orphans is rather likely to exist in the setting and the Traditions do allow for infernalists as long as said infernalist are not Nephandic, though they are frowned upon, especially by the Order of Hermes who frown allot at infernalist...allot.
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