Nicole Bouchard

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Nicole Bouchard

Post by Nicole Bouchard on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:17 am

Name: Nicole Bouchard
Sect: Sons of Ether
Apparent Age: Late 20's?

Appearance: Nicole is pretty hard to miss. That's to be expected when you stand at 6'2' [185 cm] and are clearly over 200 lb [90 kg]. Then the other bits filter through; the wide hips and rather meagre chest topped off with clear muscle development, the welter of tattoos covering almost all her visible skin save the hands and face, at least a half-dozen piercings and short, brightly dyed hair. The feminine touches are only notable by their absence.

[Arm tattoos, Neck/Back tattoo]

Normally, Nicole's dressed in a series of cargo trousers and long-sleeved t-shirts of varying cleanliness and condition; an astute eye would notice they're invariably men's. Topped off with leather jackets and heavy boots; it's almost like she's consciously done all she could to cultivate the look of 'one scary bitch'. Interestingly, her right hand is always gloved.

Personality: Nicole's a live wire; passionate and energetic – if you need help doing something, she's the one to ask. As long as it's interesting. And doesn't involve too much reading. Or requiring long periods of concentration. Uncouth, slightly slovenly and distinctively ripe with language, perhaps not advisable to ask her to network with the better-heeled of society either. When she talks, it's fairly loudly with a strong accent which screams Rhode Island.

Known Information: Formally of Dry Dock 'Chantry', Detroit. Drives a '99 Crown Victoria P71.

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Re: Nicole Bouchard

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:01 am

That works welcome to the game I have your stats stored away for safekeeping.
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