What the Cabal know about Beatrice.

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What the Cabal know about Beatrice.

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Tue May 26, 2015 2:35 pm

What the Player Character Cabal know about Beatrice.

I am not going to post full character sheets for NPCs but rather post a list of things that the player characters know, or they they know about them.

Beatrice Alexander is a young Verbena Blood Witch, she is initiated and are a full member of her Tradition and yet she is still very much under the control of her mentor Amadeus. Bee have told her Cabal that she Awakened when she was only 12 years old and that she met her mentor shortly later. In many ways Beatrice is very naive, she is smart, but she have lived a sheltered life under her mentor and never gone to High School, never had a job, never really taken part in mundane life, so in many ways she have an innocent, childlike way about her, but she also have a morbid side that seams even more shocking when coming from someone so usually sweet natured.

Beatrice have told her Cabal that her father is dead, her mother though are a true believer and accept that her daughter is a mage and Beatrice often have contact with her, she have not mentioned any siblings though and from what little she have said about her childhood she was a odd and lonely child though her parents always cared deeply for her. Bee is a eager student of Magick and spends her days, when not working for the Chantry, either reading or training, the girl is talkative, perhaps a bit to talkative and enjoy spending time with her Cabal though.

The young Verbena came to Steelhaven Chantry three years ago together with Amadeus, apparently there where some trouble at the New York based Chantry they lived in before though exactly what trouble neither Beatrice nor Amadeus will talk about. Bee have said her old Chantry was attacked by the Union and that during the fight, that the Traditionalists won, she attracted dangerous amounts of Paradox and that Amadeus took her to Horizon to recover, there are clearly something more to the story though, but neither of the Verbena will say what. If any of your characters have used Spirit to look at Beatrice you they will have seen that her Avatar is Branded, whatever or not it have been done to her or if it is something that happened in another incarnation though is hard to say.

Beatrice paint symbols and images in blood to do her magick, she say she paint what she want to happen, her Paradigm for most non Verbena will seam rather Primitive, she have said she is a Disciple of Life but do seam to held the same rank in Prime. Bee seam sad over the fact that her Avatar have never spoken to her, not in Seekings not in dreams not at any time. she can feel it there, but it do not communicate much with her.

Bee enjoy painting and drawing, she also collect boxes of play dough and say she do so because her father used to buy them for her. She is very short and of a slender built, her hair is short and messy and are of a dark brown color, her eyes is dark brown and her skin is very fair. The young Verbena prefers knee length skirts, singlets and cardigans for attire and also wear a simple, silver Verbena symbol around her neck.

Well that is what you know about Beatrice this far.
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