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Who is who among NPCs

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Fri May 22, 2015 10:35 pm

I have not started working on the all of the NPC's yet but I just wanted to make a thread for them. I might make whole posts for important NPC's this however is just a general who is who in the game so we can all keep track, some some short blurps about the various NPCs.

The Mages of Steelaven Hall

George Steelhaven--George is the Chantry founder, no one know how old he is, though he is visited by a former apprentice that remember the American Civil War. George now share the title of Deacon Primus with Narim Sharaya, and leaves more and more of the responsibility for running the Chantry to the younger mage as he prepares himself to leave the physical real and seek out the Oracles in the hope of becoming a Postulant. George is a member of the Order of Hermes, House Guernicus though he have never had the title Quaesitor as far as anyone in the Chantry know.

Narim Sharaya--Narim is a young mage, he is in his early thirties, an age when most magi might...and I stress might have just been released from the mentorship of their teachers, Narim however is a Master of the Art, he was trained by Dante himself the rumor say and he have become the protoge of George Steelhaven how grooms him as the next Deacon Primus of the Chantry. Narim is friendly though the responsibilities of more or less running the Chantry as well as teaching his young apprentice takes up allot of his time. Narim is a member of the Virtual Adept's Reality Hackers faction.

Jeffry Morgan--Jeffry is Adley's mentor, he is a Master of the Art and is a member of the Order of Hermes, House Flambeau. Jeffry is a member of Steelhaven's Deacon Council and is the Chantry's chief of security.

Beatrice (Bee) Alexander--Bee is a young Verbena, she is a member of the player characters Cabal and is a quiet and studious girl. Her mentor is the proud and powerful Amadeus Nessa, a member of the Chantry's Deacon council, though that do not seam to really benefit Bee much, it is clear her mentor care about her, but both him and the rest of the Master magi at the Chantry seam to fear and distrust the young Verbena mage for some reason. Bee is a blood witch and use her own blood both for magick and for her paintings.

Amadeus Nassa--Amadeus is a Verbena blood witch of the Gardeners of the Tree faction, he is both a war mage and a scholar. Some say Amadeus' mentor was a survivor of the Diedne since he do seam to have a very ritualistic view of magick for a Verbena, others say he had two mentors, one Verbena and a Hermetic, no one know which rumor is true. Amadeus is a member of the Deacon council and is a Master of the Art, he is a stern but not unpleasant man who is not afraid of Paradox if it means keeping his Chantry mates safe, he is a man one would respect, and perhaps fear but be very glad that are on your side. Amadeus is Beatrice's mentor. It have become known that Amadeus is a complete reincarnation of a Diedne magus that lived long ago.

Hildegaard Gottschalk--Hildegaard is a powerful Adept and a member of the Celestial Chorus, she have said that her mother was a German field nurse during World War 2 and her father was a Protestant Priest. Hildegaard is formal, reserved and conservative but she is also kind and helpful. It is known that Hildegaard is working on her Mastery of Prime and it is assumed that once she attain this rank she will be accepted into the Deacon Council. Hildegaard have a young apprentice, Jean Cole, a young girl that she is training in her song based magick. Hildegaard is very religious, but she never force her views on anyone. Hildegaard's mentor was the legendary Node Cleanser Father Shelly.

Jean Cole--Jean is only six years old, she is a pretty, blond haired, blue eyed little girl who enjoy playing with dolls and building things from lego, she is your typical little six year old girl, only that she is also Awakened, she is Hildegaard's apprentice.

Ryan Darehill--Ryan is an Adept of the Cult of Ecstasy, he is somewhat of a conservative man who seam intent on changing his Tradition's reputation. Ryan is a musician and use his violin in his magic. Ryan have a newly Awakened apprentice named Rosa.

Rosa Olsen--Rosa Awakened just one month ago so this whole mage thing is new to her. She in only an apprentice as so far can not use her budding magick for much, she is trying to balance her studies with her mentor Ryan with her mundane studies as a collage student. Rosa is kind natured but somewhat impatient, she is Steelhaven's newest member.

Adjan Terach--Adjan is an Euthanatos Adept, he is friendly but reserved. It is known that he is extremely skilled in knife fighting.

Ingmar Rush--Ingmar is a Disciple of the Verbena Tradition he is gruff and ill natured and most  members of the Chantry dislike or avoid him, he is loyal though and pull his own weight. Ingmar is a blood witch of a Germanic rune Tradition.

Antonio Riez--Antonio is a member of the Order of Hermes House Shaea and he is a Adptus Major. Antonio is a friendly, intelligent man who spend most of his time either studying or teaching his teenage apprentice Andrew.

Mara O'Connor--Mara is a Master of the Art and she is one of Steelhaven's Deacons. She is a member of the Order of Hermes minor House Merinita and she is strongly Fay Blooded to the point of being burned by steel. Mara is reserved and seldom leave her quarters other than for Deacon Council meetings.

Winnifred Adlebloom--Winnifred or Freddy as she prefer is a young Disciple of the Virtual Adept Tradition, she have a colorful personality and she do seam to have an interest in Colin.

Darrian Haagen--Darian passed his ranking to be seen as a Master of the Art just recently, he is a member of House Solificati under Order of Hermes. Darrian have a big black dog as his familiar.

Andrew Callahan--Andrew is Antonio's apprentice, he is a promising young mage and scribe who have learned his first Initiate degree already.

Arn Woodhouse--Arn is the apprentice of Darrian Haagen, he is a friendly young man with coppery hair, and a stout face, he likes to dress nice often wearing a leather jacket with inner pockets for his alchemical concoctions. He is a member of House Solificati and is an Initiate.

Lily Gray--Lily is a young teenage girl that Tane have met, the girl Awakened in a House fire and can see spirits. Tane have taken her to Steelhaven to find her a Mentor.

Dion Blackwell--Dion is a member of the Celestial Chorus, she is a pretty woman with long hair in a multitude of braids, dark skin and dark eyes. Dion practices Catholic Conjure and she is an Initiate.

Ulv Bergen--Ulv is a member of the Hagalaz factions of the Cult of Ecstasy, his daughter Liv was kidnapped by the Nephandi and they forced him to betray Steelhaven, something that was discovered and he is now under arrest. Ulv is a stocky man with blond hair and stormy eyes, he is very arrogant and hate Orphans and hedge wizards.

Mage Residents of Chantry Morningstar:

Jerome Lucas--Jerome is a beautiful man, he looks like a Greek God with dark skin, long black hair in thin braids and a perfectly chiseled face and a athlete's body. He is a member of House Mercere. Jerome is Awakened but after he killed a bunch of kids at a school during a violent Quiet he lost the ability to work magick and joined House Mercere.

Madeline Rose--Madeline is a Master of the Art and one of Chantry Morningstar's Deacons. Madeline is a member of Sons of Ether and she is rather conservative, she do not think a woman should rule a Chantry and have refused Deacon Primus Martin Hermansønn several times when he have offered her to become his heir. Madeline is a tall, handsome woman with her graying hair in a no nonsense bun, she dress like a Victorian Governess. Madeline was the Mentor of Dylan before his execution.

Hans Harris--Hans is a Master of the Art and is the youngest member of Chantry Morningstar's Deacon Council. Hans is a Virtual Adept, he is jovial and kind, he is very intelligent and loves math which is also his main Foci. Hans have an now initiated apprentice named Joe. Hans is tall and quite overweight, he have short, dark hair and look to be in his early 50's which he also is and he wear heavy, black framed glasses.

Master Ir--Master Ir was once a Nephandus, he was a damned powerful Nephandus, feared and hated by all. However one day he claim his mother came to him and cleaned just a tiny seed of his black soul, and the former warrior for the Fallen could no longer serve the Nephandi. Ir lost his memory from what his mother did to him, but when he remembered he surrendered. The Traditions tried to Gilgul Ir but his Avatar is just to powerful and it was to dangerous and the Traditions was left wondering what to do, killing him would just create a powerful, uncontrollable widderslainte and locking him up would just make him pissed besides keeping an archmage imprisoned is never easy, so the Traditions choose the lesser evil and let the old Nephandus join the Traditions so they could keep an eye on him, at least he is friendly for now. Ir is a advisory member of Morningstar's Deacon Council though he do not get a vote. Ir is a brilliant practitioner of Spirit magick. He is a very tall Egyptian with black eyes and long hair kept in silver rings down his back. Ir is Qeb's Mentor.

Lady Philippa Arden--Philippa is a powerful Verbena druidess, she is tall and beautiful of Celtic decent with dark red brown hair in curls and olive green eyes. Philippa is a skilled healer, she is a member of Morningstar's Deacon Council. Philippa and Amadeus's Mentor had the same teacher. Philippa is Kristina and Chelsea's Mentor.

James Alistair Min--Min is a Master of the Art, he is a member of the Order of Hermes House Guernicus and he is the Senior Quaesitor of the Lake Michigan Tribunal. Min is a calm, reasonable man of the Transitionalist faction. Min is the former apprentice of Milton Tolle. Min is a tall, Asian man finely dressed in suits with a gold pin showing his Quaesitor scales, he is a advisory member of Chantry Morningstar's Deacon Council but he do not have a vote as he are not allowed to hold a position of political power as a active Quaesitor.

Lady Crexia--Crexia is an ancient archmage, she is a Hermetic lich. Crexia is a tiny woman of great beauty, she looks to be Mediterranean, with very dark blond hair in a fancy bun, and a Roman nose. Crexia was once of House Tremere but escaped to House Tytalus when her House fell to vampirism. Crexia is a honorary member of Chantry Morningstar's Deacon Council and calls herself the Majordomo, she runs the Chantry when the Deacon Primus is to sick to do so, though she in reality have her own Chantry in Brazil she wants to get back to once Morningstar's leadership situation is sorted out.

Jacob DeMellar--Jacob is Crexia's former apprentice though he is himself a Master of the Art now and a member of Chantry Morningstar's Deacon Council. Jacob is a handsome man of European decent with short dark hair and piercing blue eyes, he wears jeans and a tshirt. He is a member of Order of Hermes and House Tytalus.

Master Antonius--Antonius is a very old mage and he looks like your typical wizard with a long, white beard and long hair and flowing brown robes. He is Chantry Morningstar's librarian and he sit on the Deacon Council but more in an honorary position now as he is getting quite senile, even so he is a Master of the Art. Antonius have an apprentice named Cindy. He is of the Order of Hermes House Tytalus.

Nema Maiden--Nema is a mysterious Celestial Chorus member. It is believed she was born in the Renaissance. Nema travel from Chantry to Chantry spending her time in prayer she is currently at Morningstar. It is believed Nema is a Master of the Art. Nema is tall and beautiful with long, curling red hair, she wears a white dress, leather coat and a sword.

Mage Residents at Horizon:

Daniel Rhea--Daniel was the prosecutor at Beatrice's trial, he is a member of House Guernicus and is a Master of the Art.

Jessica Roseflower--Jessica is a Verbena Master of Spirit, she examined Beatrice's Avatar during her trial.

Herman Adelli--Herman is a Order of Hermes Master of Spirit he examined Beatrice's Avatar during her trial and he is a member of House Guernicus.

Mage residents of other Chantries:

James R. Miles--James is a Verbena Adeptus Major, he was Beatrice's defense attorney during her trial.

Helena Mar--Helena is Jeffry Morgan's former apprentice, she is herself an Adept and is a member of Order of Hermes House Flambeau, she have an apprentice named Stephen and live at Chantry Talana in San Fransisco.

Stephen Daniels--Stephen is Helena's newly initiated apprentice, he in an Initiate and a member of Order of Hermes House Flambeau and he still live with his mentor at Chantry Talana in San Fransisco.

Cita Telar--Cita is a powerful Master of Spirit, she is an expert on Avatars and have been helpful to the Cabal. Cita is a good friend of Jeffry, perhaps even more than a friend. Cita is a member of the Virtual Adepts though there are some indications that she was once a Void Engineer who lest the Union when the Adepts did and joined them then.

Hedge Wizards:

The Hag--The Hag is a legendary Verbena Hedge Wizard, she is known for her bad temper, brutality, wisdom and pure power, even many True Mages are afraid of her. The Hag was Bianca's mentor.

Anton von Hess--Anton is a Hedge Wizard member of the Sons of Ether, he is a middle aged man who is shy and reserved, he teach chemistry at the university of Boston and lives at Steelhaven Hall. Anton is married to Julia. Anton and Julia was badly abused at the former Chantry they lived at and where saved by Jeffry Morgan.

Julia von Hess--Julia is a powerful psychic and skilled dowser, so skilled in fact that she got a honorary membership in House Ex Miscellanea. Julia was abused and treated like shit at the former Chantry she and her husband Anton lived at and while she was saved by Jeffry Morgan she is very nervous around True Mages. Julia now live at Steelhaven Hall.

Henrietta Day--Henrietta is a Hollow One Hedge Wizard, she is rude and crass but quite powerful, she live at Steelhaven Hall.

Allison White--Allison is George Steelhaven's servant and personal assistant, she is a ritualist who work for the old mage to get access to magickal books and for protection. Allison live at Steelhaven Hall.

Danny Adlesmith--Danny are the leader of the five Hedge Wizards that Lux Itineris sent to assist Steelhaven with the Villa Node, he is a strong leader and a powerful pyromancer. Danny is a member of House Flambeau.

Cloe Jennings--Cloe is one of the five Hedge Wizards sent by Lux Itineris to help with the villa Node, she is a member of House Flambeau.

Ivan Moore--Ivan is one of the five Hedge Wizards sent by Lux Itineris to help with the villa Node he is of House Tytalus.

Wilmar Adeel--Wilmar Ivan is one of the five Hedge Wizards sent by Lux Itineris to help with the villa Node he is of House Bonisagus.

Sue Nilwater--is one of the five Hedge Wizards sent by Lux Itineris to help with the villa Node, she is a member of House Flambeau.

Aurora Miletti--Aurora is the headmistress of Lux Itineris' school for Second Degrees, she is very concerned about the well being of her students and she is respected even among the Deacon Council of her Chantry. Aurora is a member of House Bonisagus.

Joakim Reshal--Joakim is the Security Chief of Chantry Morningstar. He was once a true mage but he was turned into a vampire 700 years ago by Etrius, a powerful mage returned him to life but that did not save his Avatar. Devastated by his loss he swore revenge and have been hunting Etrius ever since while working on his hedge wizardry and keeping himself alive with Longevity potions. Joakim is a tall man, he is not handsome but he have a beautiful smile, he have long, light brown hair in a ponytail and dark brown eyes and pale skin, he is very powerful but fairly modern for his age. He is a good, just man who loves to work with spirits. He is a member of House Flambeau.

Patricia Tavo--Patricia is a hedge wizard member of House Tytalus, she is one of the members of Chantry Morningstar. Patricia is cute, she is of Hispanic decent and have short dark hair and big brown eyes, she is proud and capable.

Betty Ilda--Betty is a Hermetic hedge wizard of House Bonisagus, she is a pretty black girl with curly jaw length hair and intelligent dark eyes, she lives at Chantry Motningstar.

Derrick Johnson--Derrick is Joakim's oldest apprentice, he have short gray hair, gray stubble at his chin and sharp intelligent eyes. He wears pressed pants, large sweaters and a gray coat and he is rather stocky and board shouldered. Derrick is a hedge wizard of House Flambeau who live at Chantry Morningstar.

Vincent Velstradth--Vincent is another of Joakim's former apprentices, he is a tall man, fair of hair and skin with shaggy hair and pain clothes. He is a hedge wizard of House Flambeau living at Chantry Morningstar.


Lisa Larson--Lisa is a powerful Nephandi Administratus, she was the wife of Ojan the Nephandus the PC Cabal found in the Villa Node. Lisa is cruel and ruthless and she seam to enjoy toying with her prey. Lisa are suspected of being a Master of the Art and she have said that she is a Order of Hermes Barabbi, though off course this is not confirmed.

Ojan--Ojan was a high ranking Nephandus and Lisa's husband, he was mortally wounded by Vera Kessinger's Amalgam and sacrificed his own apprentice at the Villa Node to try to fuel a healing spell, that failed leaving him dying when the Cabal found him, he was humanely killed by Richard.

Patrick Dale--Patrick was Vera Kessinger's student but one of the Directors at his Construct sexually abused him and in desperation the young Technocrat joined the Nephandi. Patrick was captured by Vera and her Amalgam and tortured for information and later the PC Cabal found him and after speaking with Adley and realizing what he had done the young Nephandus deeply regrets entering the Caul. Patrick was sent to Horizon to stand trial.

Cadence Getwater--Cadence is Antonio Riez's former lover, a member of the Celestial Chorus before she joined the Nephandi for unknown reasons. Cadence is a medium height woman with dark blond hair, her eyes are brown and she likes to wear simple but feminine clothes, she was defeated and captured by Tane.

Gabriel--Gabriel who's real or last name is unknown was a Nephandus of great brutality and cruelty and he was one of Abigail's right hand men. Gabriel was Anna's Mentor. He was a tall, bald black man, quite handsome and now very dead since Colin cut him in half with a shotgun.

Strangler of Fetuses "Anna"--Anna is a young Nephandus, she is only 12 years old but she looks to be at least 14, she is thin, tall and pretty with large blue eyes and short blond hair, she have a piercing in her nose and another in her lip. Anna was kidnapped as a child by Gabriel that tortured to death her mother but for some reason he took mercy on the little girl and took her as his apprentice and have kept her safe ever since. Anna is sheltered and naive but also rather creepy and far to direct, she is an excellent counterspeller. Colin shot her and she was healed badly, something that now put her life in danger, she was later captured and Colin is working on finding some way to save her.

Sebastian "Tian" Silverberg--Tian was one of the Nephandi serving Abigail's Labyrinth, he was constantly beaten by his Mentor Diego and by the other Nephandi that saw him as weak. Tian was kidnapped as a child by the Nephandi and forced to go to the Caul to save his first mentor from suffering. Tian do not remember much from being a Verbena apprentice. Tian have a young daughter named Eden and to keep her safe he betrayed the Nephandi to the Traditions and have now gone into hiding. Adley saw Tian in his Seeking before he met him and he is now hoping the boy's grim fate is not going to become true.

June Summers--June is a young Nephandus, she is Hanna's best friend though secretly she is in love with her. June is Diego's apprentice and magickal sister to Tian, she lives in the Boston Labyrinth. June have been terribly abused by her Mentor. June have spared Adley's life when there where nothing to gain from taking it, and now she have left the Labyrinth and like her brother gone into hiding.


Gloria Ceres--Gloria is a powerful Master of the Art that was tricked by Lisa Larson into attack the player characters after she framed them for killing Ceres entire little group of Marauders that living in a Umbral Regio with her. Gloria think that she is a Hermetic of House Diedne living right before the House was wiped out in the early dark ages. Gloria is beautiful, elegant and noble. She was shot by Colin but healed and is now a captive at Steelhaven.

Maya--Maya is a young Marauder. She is the last remaining member of Gloria's band of Mad Ones and have been kept hostage by the Nephandi. Maya is small, look to be in her beginning twenties with dark hair and pale skin, she think she is in a storybook and speak as if she is narrating it.


Dennis Lenoe--Dennis is a professor at the same collage that Adley work in though he teaches social sciences and philosophy. He is a small, frail looking man in a usually boring, old fashioned clothing. He is a vampire of Clan Brujah. He is the childe of Tyler. Dennis adopted a newly Awakened mage not knowing what to do with another type of supernatural. When the boy, Tobias was hurt by Paradox he gave him of his blood to save the young mage. Tobias' Avatar is now badly hurt by the vampire blood and Dennis have sought out the mages of Steelhaven to help him. Dennis is now in protective custody at Steelhaven.


Ashikaga Kotoro--Kotoro is Narim's intended apprentice, the Virtual Adept is slowly leading the girl towards her Awakening. Kotoro lives with her family in Japan.

Micah Gregario--Micah was an Adept who where kidnapped and his Avatar fed to the creatures of the forbidden island on Horizon, the then young man was the last victim of that scandal and part of the reason why the guilty parties was arrested and tried was because he escaped the island and testified. Afterwards Gregario joined House Mercere, Susannah is now his apprentice and he is very protective of her.

Susannah Florentine--Susannah was a member of House Flambeau and she was a Widderslainte, though she did manage to cleanse her Avatar, even if she did manage to redeem herself though Dominic Veran D'Angelo got her sentenced to Gilgul in a kangaroo court, now Susannah is learning to be a Mercere but she is in terrible condition and only staying alive in case sharing what she know about her path to redemption can help others.

Agnes Jones--Agnes is a middle aged woman who work for Colin as a clerk in his store, she know nothing about what her employer are and she do not want to know either, she is efficient, servile and hard working.

Janice Alexander--Janice is Beatrice's mother, she is a True Believer. Janice was originally the one that Amadeus wanted for an apprentice and he was in the process of Awakening her when her daughter spontaneously Awakened. When Janice learned about the Ascension War she asked Amadeus not to continue the process of Awakening her and the old mage complied but there is still a chance the woman might Awaken on her own anyway. Janice and Beatrice are fairly close.

Rita Mayer--Rita is a member of House Mercere that live in Horizon, she is a sleeper but very close to Awakening so she is leaving House Mercere to become a apprentice.


Mundi--Mundi is Darrian Haagen's familiar, a big black Labrador that is quite obedient and is usually at his Master's side.

Granite--Granite is Master Antonius's big fat gray cat that live in Chantry Morningstar and likes to catch mice in the garden.

Mrs Yellow--Mrs Yellow is a small, round, happy yellow and striped cat she belong to Maria Lopes of Chantry Morningstar and likes to sit on the stairs.

Pocky--Pocky is Bess' small pet pug. The dog is able to see spirits and likes to keep his mistress up at night by nagging to go out and then sniffing in the garden. He is small, round and have a underbite.

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Re: Who is who among NPCs

Post by Warpmind on Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:45 pm

...It was Colin who euthanized Ojan.

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Re: Who is who among NPCs

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Oh yes you are right. I will have to change that detail, and also update this NPC list. I have just been slow about it.
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Re: Who is who among NPCs

Post by s7trif3 on Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:35 pm

Some more NPCs I could think of -

-Danielle, Risen wraith and her spirit friend 'Embra'
-Agent Vera Kessinger, NWO
-Liv Bergen, H. Jannissary - child apprentice kidnapped by the Nephandi for the vampires
-Alessa - a werespider
-Lily - a newly awakened mage that met Tane
-Sebastian Norris & Connie - a CoX and his strange young ally who are helping to remove a wandering avatar back to the well


--Lux Iternis:
-Hank Jones and Laisa Taimen, H. Mercere
-Gwen, Alphonse's apprentice
-Nicoletta Aries Marcov (Nico), H. Veriditus, a true rebis and craftsperson of wonders and artifacts
-Alphonse Dupis, H. Flambeau, member of the Deacon Council
-Aurora Miletti, H. Bonisagus, linear maga and teacher
-Puridur Gudjonsdottir, H. Boisagus, L.I.
-Vittoria Sofia D'Angelo H. Guernicus - Quaesitor and her twin brother Dominic - magii that lost their mentor to the Nephandi and have gone to extremes to eradicate all widderslainte

--Steelhaven ('guests'):
-Raymond ('Kyle') Danbrock, widderslainte
-Mr Danbrock, Hedge Wizard (former member of a French House or craft)
-Mrs Danbrock, True believer
-Tobias Wagner, Orphan ghouled magus
-Dennis Lenoe, Brujah vampire and professor at the college, who gave vampire blood to Tobias to save his life
-Hannah Larson, daughter of Lisa Larson. An Orphan awakened student in Adley's Greek class, a prominent member of the current Nephandi Labyrinth that is working against Boston
-Gloria - a powerful Marauder that lives in an umrbal regio that was used by the Nephandi to strike the Tradition. She thinks she is living in another age and time.

-Mr Ackerman, Verbena, Westchapel, part of B's circle
-Lady Ravensblood, Verbena


-Tyler, Lenoe's Brujah Sire (and her Anarchs)
-Nicolai, House Tremere - has a deal with the Nephandi to try to acquire a young mage to sire
-Tessa Tumar, Toreador, friend of Molly
-Carmon, a Tremere Elder that was one of the original House before their fall. Adley has a remembrance of him from one of his avatar's previous incarnations.
-Enrichtho - Nicolai's childer
-Mr Vincent - alleged clanless vampire enlisted to hit Gary

-Cara Willis, of House Criamon and her apprentice Meg
-Joakim Reshal, Cheif of Security, hedge wizard and member of H, Flambeau
-Madeline Rose, SoE, Deacon former mentor to Dylan Townsend (dec)
-Miss Baker, Rose's assistant
-Kristina Knox, Verbena
-Master Arden, Verbena, Deacon
-a member of the Freedom Razors faction of the H. Helekar, Euthanatos
-Hayden Fisher and his apprentice Magda Bloom, House Flambeau
-Master Harris, Freddy's magickal 'uncle' and Virtual Adept
-Master Min, Senior Enforcer
-Jerome - Mercere (awakened, but in conflict with is avatar)
-Jack Devereux, Virtual Adept
-Lady Crexia, H. Tytalus (originally Tremere) - a lich
-Isabella Jarden - ex-Tremere vampire custos
-Jacob DeMellar, H. Tytalus (Crexia' student)
-Derrick Johnson, 2nd degree, H. Flambeau (Chief's apprentice)
-Vincent Velstradth, 2nd degree, H. Flambeau (Chief's apprentice)
-Samantha Josephine Kelly SoE
-Rosario Dane, CoX (Molly's magickal sister)
-Qeb Moria, apprentice, H. Tytalus
-Mirri, the cook
-Velena Bosh - nurse
-Mark Jennings, Hollow One
-Olamide Dimka ex Tytalus formerly of House Ziracah
-Leon Tallweller ex Fornunae and James Tallweller ex Jerbiton
-Deacon Primus Martin Hermansson ex Bonisagus from the linage of Lady Trianoma
-Helen Valve ex Verditius

--The no-tell clinic
-Alex Horton SoE - runs the clinic

--Gary Post Office (Mercere)
-Deacon Primus, Wolfgang Essert
-Lydia Lemar (awakened), direct descended of the House Founder
-James Kaverstein, Larta magi
-Jospehine Lark, Larta magi
Will Kaverstein, Larta magi
-Dan Van Maaz, Wolfgang's apprentice

-Deaconess Daisy Darnell, a former It-X cyborg, Virtual Adepts
-Daria and her sister
-Gerard, who was punished by the Traditions for a transgression with years of isolation, branding and flogging
-Julaner Alabaster bani Verbena who carries Investment marks and betrayed the Nephandi (but was never Fallen herself)


--Umbra Gladii
-Molly Aydogan- a CoX widderslainte caught by the Nephandi for experiments in Chicago and found by the group. She did not know she had an inverted avatar

-Mr Bachmier, H. Jerbiton, widderslainte
-Mr Tolle, H Guernicus
-Temaris, Adept of Time, missing (thought to be captured by the Nephandi)

--The 9 Council Members (Condordia)
Seat of Life - Verbena: Charlotte Quey, the youngest
Seat of Forces - Hermetic (House Tytalus): Archmaster Getulio Vargas Sao Christavo, (aka 'that bastard Tytalus')
Seat of Correspondence - Virtual Adepts:
Seat of Entropy - Euthanatos:
Seat of Matter - Etherites:
Seat of Prime - Choristers:
Seat of Spirit - Dreamspeakers: Master Laughing Eagle
Seat of Time - Cult of Ecstasy:
Seat of Mind - Akashic Brotherhood:

Nephandi & widderslainte:
-Diego -a foul mouthed Nephandi prisoner
-June -  and his apprentice that is in love with Hannah and let Adley go during a battle, who was then captured and turned into a living bomb at the umbral docks. She escaped.
-Abigail G - Nephandus working on the Chicago end of their troubles that used Bergen and his daughter Liv, who coerced Beatrice's former incarnation Claire (House Tytalus, mentor Alfred Silvervale) into a caul to save her brother Dylan (Adley's former incarnation)
-Martha - Abigail's favorite apprentice, went missing and thought to be gilgulled, kept in a Boston mental ward
-Jodelle Jerkins - one of Abigail's staunch supporters, now imprisoned in Chicago, that had been doing experiments on Molly
-Tian - one of Abigail's crew that originally let Colin go at the Gary post office

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Re: Who is who among NPCs

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:01 pm

Thank you. I will get this list updated it seams to always get something in the way when I remember doing so.
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Re: Who is who among NPCs

Post by s7trif3 on Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:53 am


-Curly, Poodle and Droplets: Chief Morgan's fire imps
-Truth: A higher spirit of Truth that is currently with Beatrice
-Uragi: gate guardian of Lux Iternis, an Earth Elemental
-xXXx (Beacon): the guardian of the Villa, an Umbral Lord guadian that was shattered by the Nephandi. A piece of this spirit is inside Adley's avatar.
- Umbrood spiderlings, children of Uragi (aka Harry) - a swarm of gafflings that are currently at Steelhaven, sent to help protect Adley's shard
-Allassor and Inamon: Earth elemental spirits that come together as a pair, they are city protectors of Chicago
-Shimmer: spirit of the air, the shimmer over cookfires, known to Chantry Morningstar
-Chantry Morningstar guardian: a security elemental that is somewhat grumpy in nature and looks like an Onyx pokemon
-Rolly: a gaffling leaf-compost entropy spirit known to the Deacon Prima of Chantry Riverside
-Dallis: Lady Crexia's earth imp
-Mundi: the familiar of Solificati Master Darrian Hagen, Mundi dwells in the physical body of a black dog.

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Re: Who is who among NPCs

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:08 am

Thank you. I really should get better at updating this list.
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Re: Who is who among NPCs

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